“Positive Orthodoxy?” What does that mean?

norbert_fillDonum Ipsum this week was much more informative than I was expecting! My previous Donum experiences have been more reflective, but this week was a fantastic learning opportunity and I loved what everyone brought to the table!

After watching a video from the Catholicism series, the twelve people gathered discussed the different aspects of Pope Benedict’s time as Pope. We talked about how he put emphasis on love, the things the Church says “yes” to instead of the usual “don’t do this and that”, and finally how he wanted to push towards a faith more centered on Christ. I had known little about the Pope’s opinions and it was so interesting to hear how these three ideals had changed (or not) everyone’s home parishes.

Next we learned about what was up next for the Catholic Church. Matt gave an awesome summary of how the process will be different and what we can expect for the coming weeks. Whether you agree with the Pope’s decision or it left you uneasy, I think everyone is excited to see what happens next and who we will call our new Pope! Being too young to remember much of the last conclave, I’m enthusiastic to see the process (even if it is a little different than usual!)

We ended our discussion with some opinions on who we hoped the next Pope would be, how his Papacy will affect the Church, and what we thought of the cardinals up for the position. Everyone discussed what each candidate would bring to the position and it seems like there could be some big changes in store for us in the near future.

The evening ended with prayer and good conversation (a lot of laughing in the middle too!). It was a great discussion and I’m excited to see what comes up next for Donum Ipsum.


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