A New Pope for Our Times

This morning, I was shocked to hear of the imminent resignation of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. Words can not truly express how I feel about this momentous occcasion in the life of the Church. While I am pleased that our Pope will be able to retire in peace as he wished to do so many years ago, I am still deeply saddened that the man who I have come to know and love as my Soverign Pontiff will be leaving his office. Benedict XVI has been very influential in the formation of my faith life ever since he was elected on April 19, 2005. I credit him and also Blessed John Paul II with bringing me back to the Church and renewing my faith after some years of lapsity. Through the writings and teachings of Pope Benedict I have come to a greater appreciation of the Church’s teaching and the message of Jesus Christ. I believe that Benedict XVI is a truly holy man, and a man who, through his ministry as Sucessor of St. Peter and Vicar of Christ has exemplified the central teaching of Christ, that we may love one another as Christ has loved us. I wish the Pope a happy retirement and may the Holy Spirit guide the College of Cardinals in selecting a new shepherd for the Church. His Holiness may never know the great impact that he has had on my life, nor how much he has meant to me, but still I must say thank you to Pope Benedict XVI. Thank you for everything.

by Matthew Mahon


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