Celebrating St. Dominic

Have you ever watch the movie “The Rite.”  Well, if you have and you are part of a Norbertine institution, you might have thought that the instructor was a Norbertine because of his habit, but in actuality he was a Dominican  (http://movieclips.com/hHMu-the-rite-movie-father-lucas-gets-results/).  In reality, the Dominicans and the Norbertines seem to have a somewhat mythical history – Dominic is sometimes thought to have actually been a Norbertine at one time.  In any rate, today the Church celebrates the feast of St. Dominic, a man known for preaching the Good News – yet another similarity because this is one of the traits that Norbert was known for as well. 

Here is a quick post about the connections between St. Dominic and St. Norbert posted by the Norbertines of St. Philip’s Priory in Chelmsford, England:  http://norbertinevocations.wordpress.com/2012/08/08/st-dominic-and-the-premonstratensians/


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