What is the Stigmata – other than a really bad movie?

  What is the Stigmata?
              When one shows one or all of the five wounds of Christ.
              Usually accompanied by visions of the crucifixion
              Sometimes accompanied by odor of sanctity
  Stigmata can be “spiritual” or “physical”
              Spiritual stigmata is when one doesn’t physically show the signs
              Physical stigmata is when you can actually see and experience the physical
  There is a question as to whether stigmata is psychological, physiological, 
    spiritual, or a mixture of all the before mentioned.
  First reported case of Stigmata is of Francis of Assisi in 1224
              He reportedly suffered all 5 wounds
  Padre Pio is first priest to receive the Stigmata
              He had all 5 wounds
What do you think of this phenomenon?
What do you think this phenomenon shows about the relationship between God and us?
Here is a two part video series about this phenomenon:

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