Skull & Bones – The Original Fraternity/Sorority (What’s the Deal with Relics?)

  What are relics?
              Quite simply they are sacramentals
                          Sacramentals are as Michael Pennock states in This is Our Faith“[…]                                                    those objects, actions, prayers, and the like which help us become                                                    awarded of Christ’s presence” (176). 
                          Okay, that’s how we understand them as they are classified in the                                                    Church, but  what are they and what’s their history in the Church?
              Thought to be somewhat of a throw-back to the days when Christians use
                to meet and have early forms of liturgy in Crypts on top of tombs of the
                martyrs and early saints
                          This is where we get the tradition of placing relics in altars
              If we look back historically, the veneration of the Saints and their physical                                          bodies can be somewhat traced back to John the Baptist, who’s remains                                               were collected by his followers and buried in a place of prominence so they                                           could be honored.
              To the history of relics in the Catholic Church, most trace the history of                                                Christian veneration of relics to the account of St. Polycarp’s martyrdom in                                            156 AD.
               Because of the holiness of the Saints and cultural/sociological/religious                                                context of their impact, folks began to venerate relics of the Saints
                          Relics are personal objects, items, or remnants of the person – bones,                                                     skin, basically any physical piece of the Saint – that are carefully                                                     preserved and venerated as sacramentals. 
              Classes of Relics
                          First Class – Bones or parts of the body
                          Second Class – Objects that were used by or associated with the St.
                          Third Class – A piece of cloth or material that has been touched by the St.


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