What’s up with you Catholic’s and the Saints?

  What is a Saint?
            – Someone who has lived a heroic life of virtue
              They are raised up by the Church as examples of how to live a Christian Life
              Thought to be in heaven
              A more real and practical example of Christ on earth – typically they are
               contextually bound – meaning they come from  a particular region, time, … 
               Thus they are meant to give us a more attainable/relational example of how
               to live in light of the Gospel of Christ.
  What up with Intercession?
              Often our call for intercessory prayer is misunderstood as idol worship by
               fundamentalist, but as we see throughout the Bible, folks have been asking
               for the intercession of angels and holy men and women throughout
              Think of analogy of applying for a job.  If you know someone in the
               organization pulling for you, you would be more apt to get the ear of the
— Canonized
                          These are folks who lived lives of heroic virtue and are recognized                                         officially by the Church as having done so after a process of scrutiny
                          New Regulations were set by JP II in 1983.
                                      5 Years after death – to allow for more objectivity – can be                                                     waved ( Mother Teresa)
                                      Bishop in Diocese is responsible for beginning the process
                                                  Documents by the person and concerning the person
                                                    are collected and examined
                                                  If they pass this stage they are declaired “Servant of                                                                 God”
                                      The cause is passed on to the Congregation for the Causes of                                                     Saints
                                      In order to move to beatification a miracle is required
                                                  If miracle proven to be medical/scientificly                                                                             imposibility and passes scrutiny of the before                                                                            mentioned process again, then the person is elevated                                                                to level of Blessed
                                      In order to be canonized another miracle must be varified
                                        through the same process


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